Mosby Brothers Farms

We’ve enjoyed buying fruit and vegetable from local stands and farms this summer. Kim took the kids to pick fresh blueberries yesterday and it was so popular that, when we returned this afternoon, they were all picked out. We’ll go back in a week when the next crop ripens. They are delicious and only $2/pound. Kim and kids filled a large box for twenty bucks. They make great snacks even when frozen.

When we moved to Auburn three years ago we didn’t realize how many local farms were in the area. We enjoy driving down the small scenic roads searching for new farms to visit. It’s always fresh and delicious and well worth the extra time and expense it requires.


We stopped Mosby Brothers Farms today and plan to go back tomorrow to purchase some peaches. I took a picture of their sign which lists the in season produce. I love the feel of these small town farms and the people who run them. Most are family run there’s a genuine pride in what they sell. They appear to love what they do.

I’ve noticed the local Albertsons has started hanging signs in their produce sections designating items that were grown locally. I hope all supermarkets do the same.

Where do you purchase your produce?

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