Autumn Leaf Raking

Our entire backyard was covered in leaves. Given the amount of rain we’ve had over the past two week, I figured I’d better take the opportunity to rake a few piles this afternoon.

And what better way to shorten the task than recruit the kids to pitch in.

That was my bright idea anyway.

Here’s the breakdown on how my afternoon leaf raking project played out. Needless to say, the leaves won today.


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6 thoughts on “Autumn Leaf Raking

  1. My grandkids always shake their shoes to check for spiders if they have left them outside the front door. If they saw the picture I posted recently of a Southern Black Widow spider inside the pool house, they would run off screaming into the night and probably never come back over to our house! Love your chart.


  2. That was hilarious. We don’t have the abundance of leaves here but we sure have the spiders. I love that you’ve given the time needed to correct the boots….


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