Through The Window

She wasn’t expecting to see him. All she knew was that he’d  be at her baptism on Saturday. But she wasn’t expecting to see him at her school.

Yet there he stood in Lincoln’s classroom waiting for the bell to ring. A line of kindergarten students stretched across the room. Jackets were zipped and backpacks thrown over shoulders. Twenty little bodies of bottled up energy ready to burst out the door.


I stood at the back of the line with my father. He’s not small in stature and, his booming voice can be intimidating. But he’s a gentle man with immeasurable love for his grandchildren. Although my mother has been ill for many years, making trips for her to Seattle a rarity, he’s flown up on his own every six months to see his only four grandchildren who live outside Utah.

Still waiting for the bell to ring. Once out the door we’d head down the hall towards Luca’s 2nd grade class where we’d hand out donuts to celebrate her birthday.

And that’s when I noticed a little girl with long brown hair wearing glasses and a bright pink shirt push her face up against the window. Her hair was wet and her glasses fogged up but that didn’t stop her from looking into Lincoln’s classroom. I waved, but she didn’t see me.

But when her grandpa waved, she saw him. Her eyes lit up and a huge smile stretched across her face. I turned to catch my dad with the same sized smile. Does it get any better than having your grandpa visit?

As I stood there taking it all in, I was filled with joy. This might be a very small slice of life. But sometimes the smallest slices are the most flavorful.

I’m thrilled my oldest daughter has a close relationship with her grandpa. I didn’t mind being overlooked as she peered through the window today. Her smile. That gorgeous smile told me everything I needed to know.