Tiger Takes Backseat

I spent a good portion of church this morning walking Kai up and down the halls. He saves his outdoor voice for those times we’re indoors and takes it up a notch while in the chapel.

I held his tiny hand as we walked up as many stairs as I could find. My goal was to tire him out to the point he’d fall asleep. But I wore out before he did and kicked back on a recliner in the lobby while Kai tried to pull the glasses off my face.

Sunday afternoon is my favorite time of the week. After a quick lunch the kids usually rest while I watch sports and relax. I needed a break after chasing Kai around the church grounds.


I sat in front of the TV with my laptop and earbuds and watched Tiger turn a three shot deficit into a two stroke lead on the front nine. The final nine holes of the Bridgestone looked to provide much excitement.

As I settled in for a couple hours of kid-free relaxation, Anna came bounding down the stairs. She jumped on the couch and curled up next to me.

“Hey, this isn’t a kid’s show”

“I know. It’s called golf”

I removed my earbuds and looked at my daughter. As much as i wanted to watch Tiger, I didn’t want Anna to hop off the couch. But I was tired and what if Harrington forces sudden death?

I guess that’s where ESPN comes in.

“What do you want to watch?”

“Can you show me what’s on?”

I grabbed the remote and cycled through the channels.

And finally my focus is where it should be.

Her legs dangle off the edge of the cushions as she leans forward to see the program list scroll by. In just over a month, she begins kindergarten. As much as Kim will miss having her around the house, I can’t wait to drop her off at the bus stop each morning. 

Tiger may be the best golfer and most popular athlete in the world.

But today he took a backseat to a five year old little girl and Huckleberry Hound.