When Will Mom Be Home?

It wasn’t until Kim pulled out the driveway that I realized I’d left the stroller in the van. I thought about calling her, but she was excited to get to Seattle with Luca and Anna to watch the Nutcracker Ballet. Although I sent her off with the portable GPS, she gets nervous driving down the narrow downtown streets looking for a place to park. I didn’t want to detract from their night out.

“When will mom be home?”

That left me home with Lincoln and Kai. I figured it couldn’t be too difficult to take Kai to the mall without a stroller. I’ll hold his hand and he’ll walk beside me like the three older kids did when they were two years old. Lincoln can help me keep an eye on him. That was my plan.


And that’s exactly how it worked from the car to the mall entrance. I must have run five miles chasing that kid around from one display to the next over the next hour.

Lincoln went up one of the more difficult sides of the climbing wall, and could not stop smiling once he reached the top and punched the buzzer. I bought him a piece of pepperoni and pineapple pizza. Of course, he counted each pineapple piece before eating any.

“When will mom be home?”

Afterwards, he wanted a frozen yogurt. He filled his cup with chocolate and eggnog flavored frozen yogurt and topped it with chocolate chips and gummy bears. He told me it tasted especially good because he didn’t have to share with any sisters.

We arrived home to a cold house. Kim and the girls would be a few more hours. I put Kai to bed and asked Lincoln what he wanted to do.

“When will mom be home?”

A couple of hours.”

Can we watch Home Alone 2?”

I grabbed the biggest blanket I could find and sat next to Lincoln on the couch. He’s by far our most mellow child. He’s content to be with me and does not ask for much. About ten minutes into the movie he grabbed a pillow and said, “Can I put my head on your lap?”

“Of course”

I see a lot of myself in my son. He’s cautious around me in the same manner I was around my father at his age. Luca would have grabbed a pillow and jumped on my lap without asking. There’s a mutual comfort level. Lincoln is more deliberate. He’s respectful if a bit shy. Maybe a bit awkward. But sweet.

I watched my son more than the movie tonight. I watched him giggle, smile, and repeat his favorite Kevin McAllister quotes. I combed his wiry hair with my fingers and tickled his neck. More than once, I adjusted his glasses so they wouldn’t fall off his nose.

I waited for it. Surely he’d ask again. The movie was nearly over, and I was certain he’d want an update on mom’s whereabouts.



“I don’t care if mom is late because I’m having so much fun tonight”