The Rice Sock

“Dad, will you warm my rice sock?”

That’s how the routine starts each evening. lucascooter

Luca climbs to the top bunk, locates the rice sock her mother  made and calls to me. My job is simple: heat the sock in the microwave for two minutes and return to Luca in exchange for a hug and kiss to the cheek.

If I’m lucky, the hug lasts as long as the microwave timer.

Luca could easily warm the sock on her own. She reminds me daily that she doesn’t need my help performing other tasks around the house. That includes making lemonade or making any change to the Tivo.

But it’s not about the sock.

Reminds me of the rides home from school with my father.

There are nights where I’m relaxing in front of the computer after a challenging day at work. When Luca calls my name I may exhibit a small amount of hesitation.

I should be less concerned about the trek upstairs and think about how I’d feel if she stopped calling my name.