George Winston at the Rialto Theater

We sat in the first three seats of row G on the left side of the Rialto Theater because anyone who’s seen George Winston in concert knows that provides the best angle from which to see his fingers dance across the keys of the Steinway grand.

Kim and I decided to invite Luca along. This would be her first concert and, although she’s taken piano lessons for a couple of years, I wasn’t sure he’d keep her interest for two hours. lucakim

I shouldn’t have been concerned.

Winston played a number of songs from albums we listen to at home, such as Summer and December. But he also played two slack key guitar tunes and one harmonica number. I could have listened for another two hours.

I’ve seen him in concert seven times now. Each time he walks on stage in jeans, button down shirt, and socks. He’s soft spoken, and seldom tells you much about himself other than who or what influenced his music. He ends each number the same way he always has. As the clapping comes to a stop he says, “Thank you. Thank you very much.”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in the presence of talent? I feel a rush of emotion rush through my body as I listen and watch him play. When Winston announced he was going play a song called “Woods”, Luca leaned over and said she liked this one. She held my hand for the next seven minutes as we listened to one of our favorite songs.

That was the best part of a memorable date with Kim and our oldest daughter.

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