Air Jordans

In 1992, I was a student at the University of Utah. I happened to run through Nordstrom on my way to catching a bus to campus when I saw these shoes. I stopped, held the shoe in my hand for a minute before flipping it over to see the $125 price tag attached to the sole.


My part-time job delivering vacuum cleaners and chemicals to LDS churches around the area paid for my books and not much more. But I was able to save five bucks here and there by bringing my lunch to school instead of eating at the cafeteria. I filled in at work a few times that month when others were sick.

Eventually I was able to save up enough money to purchase the Air Jordans. When I stopped by Nordstrom, all they had in stock was the white model. I had to have the black so I waited another week.

They were well worth the wait. They are still the favorite basketball shoe I’ve ever owned. They were comfortable and very lightweight. Unfortunately, that comfort came at a price as the leather was soft but thin and not very durable.

I love the red accents, the extended rubber tongue and loop near the back which made pulling them onto my feet a cinch. I still believe they are the best looking basketball shoe ever made. I wore them out in less than a year playing basketball at the Deseret Gym.

I’d pay $125 on the spot to find a pair today.

Do you have a favorite shoe?