My Favorite iPad Apps

A few months into iPad ownership and I’m as excited as Beavis with a bowl full of nachos.

I keep my iPad screens quite tidy. In fact, I now keep all my apps on one screen and remove those I don’t use often. Those I use regularly but not each day go in a folder. Those apps I use almost each day, gain a spot in the upper four fifths of the screen. And finally, those I have open all the time, are pinned to the lower bottom.

Here’s the run down on my favorites:

Alarm Clock Pro – Made for the iPhone but works on the iPad. Simple but gorgeous. 99 cents

Weather HD – The best look weather app I’ve found. 99 cents

Speed Test – Tests Wi-Fi and 3G speeds such as Ping, download and upload speeds. free

Writings – You may never go back to Word again. Love this simple text editor. 99 cents

ABC Player – Catch up on Modern Family, the Bachelor or, my favorite, the Shark Tank. free

Slacker – Check out my full review, but this is how music apps should be done. app is free, subscriptions run $3.99 to $9.99/month

Daily – Cancelled local paper and bought the daily, the newspaper designed for the iPad. app is free, annual subscription is $39.99

60 Minutes – Always something to watch in the archives. Brings out my inner news junkie. $4.99

Air Video – Amazing app allows me to stream video from my PC to my iPad. Get your nerd on. $2.99

NPR – You could waste months diving into this app, but you’d be a lot smarter. free

Video Time Machine – Just download this now. Seriously. Stop reading and do it. 99 cents

Car Buzz – Everything you wanted to know about cars from total car nuts. free

MyPad+ – If you’re on Facebook, you’ll want this. 99 cents

Twitter – I prefer TweetDeck on Windows, but Twitter on iPad and iPhone. free

Diigio Browser – Do you wish your iPad browser looked and acted like Google Chrome? free

Week Calendar – A major upgrade to the default calendar. Love this app. $1.99

Reeder – Saved the best for last. My favorite app. Makes reading RSS feeds fun, and syncs with Google Reader. I spend more time in this app than any other. $4.99