One of These Remotes

One of these remotes, with its curved design, felt like an extension of my mind the first time I held it in my hand.

One looks like it was designed by the government.

One is backlit and one isn’t. But the one that is doesn’t need it because the most used buttons fall exactly where my fingertips expect them to be. Even in the dark.

One has a button to turn it off and is a different size then the button designated to turn it off. And they are right next to each other so I’m constantly confusing one for the other.

One of these remotes has four colored buttons with no labels. I pretend they are Skittles.

One remote is largely unchanged from when it debuted nearly 15 years ago.  The 30 second forward, 7 second rewind and pause button can all be reached with my thumb.

The other came standard with my HD receiver delivered last month, and puts the most used buttons in the most awkward to reach areas. 

One remote tries to do everything and and succeeds in doing everything poorly.

One is built to perform a few tasks well and is so well designed that a two year old can use it.

I sure miss one of these remotes.