Timberland 3-Eyelet Lug

I bought my first pair about twenty years ago, and my sixth pair from Zappos last week. It’s the perfect shoe I can wear year-round in Seattle without having to worry about my feet getting damp.

Every few months I’ll grab a soft cotton rag and rub mink oil into each shoe which brings back the burgundy tint and helps to waterproof the leather. Once the leather laces get worn in, they stayed tied unlike leather laces in my other shoes.

Tip: running the mink oiled cloth over the laces helps speed up the process.

I’ve paid $120 for every pair I’ve owned, and I’ve never seen them discounted.  I don’t know why that is, but I’ve purchased less expensive similar models of Timberland and seldom been happy with them.

When Kim and I were in New York about 13 years ago, we wandered into a tiny shoe store not far off Times Square. Kim bought a pair that she still has today. They look brand new because she only wears them a few times each year. That was the year I bought my third pair.

I can’t imagine my closest without a pair of Lugs on the floor.