Nothing Better

I left work early to pickup Luca who stayed after school to participate in the math club. She hadn’t shut the car door before launching into one story after another. She told me how much she loves her teacher and her friends before pulling out her report card and giving me the run down of her grades.

She’s like a water faucet that’s either turned off or on full blast. There’s no in-between.

She’s not as talkative on the morning drive to the bus, and I understand that these opportunities don’t come around often so I turned off the radio and listened.

I can’t help but see that my influence with her is slowly being transferred to teachers, and friends, and and classmates. Then there are books, TV and music as well as others I’m not aware of yet. I’m still around, but my voice has company, and a lot of it.

Tonight she asked me to help her print pictures for a science fair project. We took turns trimming colored paper that would be used to frame the pictures. I showed her how to access documents on my computer from any other computer in the house. She showed me the chart she created in Excel. She was quick to point out that her principal taught her that.

Years ago had someone explained to me the amount of sheer joy I’d experience learning how candy crystals form from a little girl who still loves Scooby Doo, I would have thought they were deranged.

Days like today don’t come around often. But when they do, it’s hard to imagine a better day.