Too Many Stations

I don’t know how many stations DirecTV pipes into my home. A hundred and fifty? Two fifty? No idea. I just know that whenever I get a new receiver, I spend several hours setting up which stations are visible from the onscreen guide. Few make the cut. propjoe

I could probably get by with ten stations. In fact, most days I could get by with three of them: ESPN, HBO, and AMC.

Other than live sports, I could do without NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox.  I occasionally watch Shark Tank, but the Office hasn’t been any good for several years now. The BBC version of the Office went out on top after two seasons and two specials. Leave it to NBC to run the show into the ground. I hardly recognize the characters anymore. Dwight was always so far out there, but Jim had something going for a while. Now he’s a one dimensional dud.

Sorry, I tried Modern Family and couldn’t get over a couple annoying characters.

Flip over to AMC and you have Breaking Bad and Mad Men. The Walking Dead is good. FX had the Shield and now Justified and Louie. Louie may be the best show you’re not watching.

Of course, I can’t leave Game of Thrones on HBO off the list of best shows. The intro to Game of Thrones has higher production values than most of the junk on the Big 4.

But the Wire stands above them all. It’s an investment to watch five seasons of a gritty drama with numerous story lines. But so well worth it.

Omar, Bunk, and Proposition Joe. What a show.

"No doubt”