600 Miles

After nine weeks of riding my bike to work I hit the 600 mile mark, and it feels great. Instead of finding excuses why I couldn’t ride to work (it’s raining, it’s too far, it’s too dangerous) I decided to find ways to work it into my job and family’s schedule.

Overall it’s been a welcome lifestyle change. I started out just biking to work but that quickly changed into biking anywhere I need to go. I’ve biked to church each week with at least one of my kids and across town to catch a baseball game or school play.

Nearly everyone I meet while on my bike has offered encouragement and support. On my ride home last night I stopped to rest outside City Hall.  A man in a suit approached me and explained that he sees me riding around town and wondered where I was riding my bike each day. He mentioned that he had just begun riding his bike but was frustrated when he wasn’t able to make it up Lea Hill without walking.

I recall having the same thoughts when I first began biking and Ben Talbert encouraged me to keep going and ignore the hecklers. I decided to share that with this man I’d just met. We shook hands, and I told him I hoped to see him on the hill.

I filled up my car for the first time in six weeks. Any savings I’ve experienced by not having to purchase gas has been put into biking gear to make my ride safer and more comfortable.

I feel as though I’ve acquired a good habit. I still have a number of bad habits to get rid of including drinking too much Diet Coke and staying up late. But this biking is a good habit and one I plan to continue for a long time.  Thanks for Ben for the continued example and to my family to being patient with me as navigate my way around Auburn and hopefully beyond.