My Favorite Sunglasses

Eight years ago I visited a Sunglass Hut looking for the best pair of sunglasses I could buy. I’ve owned models from Vaurnet, Oakley, Ray Ban, and Bolle, and couldn’t say one pair of lenses was better than the other.

I tried on a number of frames, and found a couple I really liked. I couldn’t tell the difference between the lenses so I figured I’d buy the frame that looked best on my face.

The salesperson offered to let me take five or six of my favorites outside in the sun to see if one stood out from the rest. She asked if I’d looked into polarized lenses and handed me a wired framed model from Maui Jim. I thought they looked good. She explained that Maui Jim made excellent lenses but cost about three times more than those models I had in my hand. I had never paid over a $100 for sunglasses let alone over $200. 2012-07-28 18.22.37

I walked outside, put on the Maui Jims and was sold immediately. Everything was so crystal clear and colors were vibrant. I didn’t want to take them off.

That was in 2004, and I’ve worn that same pair of Maui Jims until last week.

They have held up remarkably well over the years, but one too many drops had put a small crack in one lens so I decided to send them to Maui Jim to be repaired.

Their website provided instructions on where to send my glasses and what to expect in terms of cost to repair. So I send them in and a few days later I received an email confirming they had been received and were in the process of being repaired. Frames and lenses are $60/each to repair or replace which is not cheap but far less costly than a new pair.

A couple days later, I received an email saying my sunglasses had been repaired and would arrive within a few days. Today a package arrived and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I opened the box to find the original case I sent them in, a new zippered Maui Jim case, casual cloth case, and a thank you note.

I unzipped the case and to my surprise, Maui Jim replaced my sunglasses with a brand new pair.

Sure, it cost me $120 but that’s about a third of what  new pair would cost. That works out to about a $40/year and goes down each year I wear them. That’s a bargain for one of the few items I wear nearly every day.

*I haven’t recommended a product on my blog for a while, but want my readers to know that I don’t accept products in exchange for a review.