Goodbye, Auburn WA

Less than twelve hours from now, we’ll be on our way to Utah.

Over the past twenty-four hours we’ve been surrounded by friends and neighbors who have stopped by to wish us well or help pack or drop off cookies for the long drive ahead.

It’s sad to leave close friends, yet there’s a solace knowing I will see many of them again, if only through Facebook. I’ve moved around enough to know that friends come and go, but it’s been difficult explaining that to my 12-year old daughter who could very well run away before we leave, and it wouldn’t surprise me. With yesterday being her last day of school in Auburn she decided to get off the bus early and hide away at her friend’s house.

One benefit of moving is the ability to make a new start in a new area. We start a new segment of our life in a gorgeous area of Utah starting tomorrow. As far as know all the teachers at our kid’s schools are excellent, each neighbor is caring and our new church congregation will welcome our family of seven with open arms. Sometimes a computer needs a fresh Windows install to get back in its groove. I hope our family can find its groove in a new city.

It’s an odd feeling to stand back from a moving truck and know everything you own is inside. I’m not sure why we decide to hold on to much of it. Maybe the boxes of old books and picture frames remind us where we’ve been and help bridge the past to the future.

That the past two days have brought near constant rain showers seems fitting. I wouldn’t have it any other way, because just over 17 years ago I drove a U-Haul into downtown Seattle on a miserably cold and rainy evening with this song blaring on the radio.

Here’s to the future.