Since Moving to Utah

A few things that have been on my mind the past month since moving from Washington to Utah.

  • One of the best side benefits of moving is not being able to bring everything that’s accumulated in your home over the years. Sure, I’ve had to replace a few items, but starting with a clean slate is good for the mind.
  • I wasn’t looking forward to the 20+ hour drive in the moving van, but being able to spend those hours with two of my sons was fantastic. We stopped along the way to look at rivers and bridges, and take in a few sunsets setting over this gorgeous country of ours.
  • Travel tip: don’t stay at smoke-filled hotels just to save a few bucks. Part of the fun was staying a nice hotel that’s nicer than our home.
  • Four of my last five bike rides have ended with a flat tire. I’m certain I’ve walked my bike more miles than I’ve peddled around town. In Auburn, I couldn’t go out for a ride more than a few miles without someone yelling or throwing a water bottle at me. Nothing like that has happened here.

Splash Pad in April? You bet!

  • The elementary school my kids attend has four large bike racks out front and all four are filled with bikes each morning. The city of Ivins has built bike lanes that feed each of the schools in the area which is a wonderful idea and makes it much safer for the children to ride to school. And ride they do!
  • Facebook, Twitter, texting, and email don’t begin to replace seeing my friends in person. I knew leaving friends would be difficult for my kids, but had no idea how much I’d miss my friends in Auburn.
  • Everyone should have a chance to live a few years in a small town. People tend to treat you differently when they know they will see you again at the school, church or grocery store. There are a goodness and honesty that rubs off on you. Life slows down. What you give up in big city excitement you gain in a peaceful calming of the soul.
  • A bigger home sounds wonderful on paper, and most of the time, I’m thankful for the additional square footage compared to our home in Auburn. But it also means you see and hear less of your children which means you know less about how they are doing.
  • I don’t want to know how many hours I’ve spent shooting hoops in our backyard. The two spotlights off the back of the house allow me to play at night when the temps subside from the upper 90’s.
  • I don’t know if we made the right choice to move to Utah. But I stopped second guessing my decision the first time I saw my kids playing hide-and-go-seek with their cousins outside while their baby brother was asleep in grandma’s arms inside.

One thought on “Since Moving to Utah

  1. Ditto to that! We moved from Tucson, AZ (pop: over a million) to Helena, MT (pop: 26,000) five years ago in August to be exact. I agree with you on almost every point you made. I can really relate to number 6, as I had no idea how much I would miss my friends back in Tucson (and how I miss them even more even after 5 years!) . It’s nice that my new friends that I have made here make fun of how paranoid I am about crime (rape and murder especially) —lets just say that it’s really nice to wake up in the morning and turn on the local news and not hear about the 10 home invasions that happened during the night and about the number of people that were killed during them. I once said I would never own a hand gun that changed after about 6 months of living in Tucson. I miss the incredibly awesome mexican food! I had to resort to the fact that I will never be able to find anything remotely close to it here. There are good things and bad things about a big move, but I totally agree on the second guessing thing and then absolutely knowing that it was the right thing to do because my kids are thriving here! One whose teachers had once told us would need to be held back a year, will not accept anything less than a 4.0 GPA and one who was once so shy and introverted has actually started to initiate conversations with complete strangers and has a ton of self esteem now compared to how it used to be. At first, I was frustrated as it seemed like there were so many more people who thrive on gossiping about everybody else, neighbors, acquaintances, people they work with, and then I realized those people are everywhere no matter where you go, they are just a lot more noticeable in such a smaller town!!


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