Top 100 Songs of the ‘90s

I watched the last two hours of this VH1 program which I’d seen portions of before today, but had never caught the top 20 songs they cover in the last hour.

Although it’s hard to take a list like this seriously which includes Britney Spears in the top 10, the tunes bring back a lot of memories, especially the four years I was in college at the University of Utah. I still collected CDs and traded them with friends who turned me on to new music. One afternoon after after finishing up a final in a marketing course, a friend gave me a CD from a band I’d never heard of, but he told me to check out track number five.

Sounds as good today as it did over 20 years ago.

A few songs like Loser and Sabotage are ones I’ve listened to many times. But nothing compares to the number of times I listened to the song below from “What’s the Story Morning Glory?”