My Favorite Earbuds

I’ve lost count of the number of earbuds I’ve purchased over the years. I’ve purchased numerous models from Sony, Sennheiser, and Panasonic. Everyone knows the white earbuds that Apple includes with every iPod and iPhone don’t sound very good. 

I found a number of earbuds that sounded fine, but they wouldn’t stay in my ears. That was the case with the Sennheiser earbuds I purchased two years ago. I assumed because they were the “sport” edition they would remain more secure in my ears, but they flopped out like the others. Plus, even when they were in, they were uncomfortable. 

Last year, after reading a Rayz Plus overview, I stopped at the Bose outlet store in Las Vegas and tested a number of their earbuds. I listened to models ranging from $99 to $299, and I was surprised when the model I liked best was also the cheapest: the Bose MIE2. I didn’t want to pay for fancy microphones or noise-canceling technology. The MIE2 are as basic as they come which is exactly what I was after. 

I’ve been using them long enough to tell you they have worked incredibly well. I use them with my iPhone and my MacBook Pro around the house and with my iPhone when I walk around the track at the park. The earpieces are made of quality rubber that doesn’t slip out of my ears. And they sound really nice too. If you’ve only listened to music on earbuds that were included with your iPod or smartphone, you should give even a $30 pair from Sony a try. I still consider these Bose at $100 a bargain give how much I use them each day. 

For a while, I wondered if I’d ever find an earbud that would work well, but these Bose MIE2 earbuds are fantastic. I know some people thumb their nose at Bose because they are marketed to the mainstream, but I don’t care. They sound great, stay in my ears while in use, and are very well made.