A friend from grade school shared with me that he had asked to be released from a time-consuming church calling to spend more time with his children.

Another friend lamented how his son had recently left for college, and he wished they had spent more time together.

My 6-year old son approached me after school, and asked if I’d play a computer game with him. What we do together matters little. He’ll throw a semi-flat football with me in the house until I tire out.

“Sure, I’ll play with you. Just give me a few minutes to finish my work.”

Just a few minutes turned in to a couple of hours. I got up from my desk and went looking for my son. I found him in his bed, fast asleep still wearing jeans and shoes.

It won’t be long till my son is throwing a football with friends. And then he’ll be off to college and I’ll be lucky to see him every few weeks, if sticks close to home. I could say the same thing about any of my five children.

Last weekend I needed a haircut and coaxed my two oldest sons to join me. Neither of them ever want to have their hair cut. “One more week,” they beg.

After each of us had a hair cut, we went next door to Subway, which is one of their favorite places to eat because they get to select each item that makes up their sandwich. My oldest son orders a simple turkey sandwich with lettuce. My 7-year old son orders a little of everything, including bacon and extra sauces that don’t sound like they would work together.

I tell myself that days like this make up for those where I postpone time together because I’m too busy.