Homemade Bread

If you drive down Canyon View Drive in Santa Clara UT on a Saturday afternoon you might find Nathan and Logan selling bread on the corner across from the elementary school.

I’ve purchased a few loaves of bread since moving to Santa Clara last year, but today I decided to stop and chat with the bakers for a few minutes before purchasing three loaves of delicious wheat bread. Here’s what I learned:

1. Nathan and Logan are in the 8th grade. They are best friends.

2. They make the bread themselves each Saturday morning.

3. They always make 32 loaves and sell them for $5 each.

4. Wheat is the most popular seller. But they also make white and cinnamon swirl on occasion.

5. The money they earn goes into a savings account for college.

6. They start selling around 10 am and stay on the corner until all 32 loaves are sold.

7. Why did they choose this location? “Because there are two stop signs. When people stop they see our sign.”

These budding entrepreneurs have given a lot of thought to their weekend business. I told them that one Saturday I drove by their table and had planned to purchase bread on my way home. But they were gone when I returned. “We usually sell out of bread by 2pm, sometimes sooner”, said Daniel.

I bid them farewell and told them both how much I enjoyed their bread and admired their business sense. When I pulled away, I saw two customers walking to their table and another car had pulled over. Today’s bread won’t last much longer.