I’m Building Something Again

When I joined Facebook back in 2006 or 2007, I thought it was new and exciting to connect with friends I hadn’t seen since high school. And it was exciting for a while.

By the time the 2016 election rolled around, Facebook had become a platform to spout your political views and argue with anyone who didn’t espouse them. Rinse and repeat until Trump took over the white house and I’d had enough.

Goodbye Facebook.

Goodbye Twitter.

Hello, my old blog!

But I’d changed. I wasn’t in the habit of writing longer posts, and I assumed posts shouldn’t be fleeting, short thoughts like I added to Facebook and Twitter over the past decade.

Then I noticed something that Dave Winer, author of Scripting News, was doing. Each day he was adding one or more short posts to his blog. He might add four or most posts a day and yet none of them would add up to more than a paragraph. Was he treating his blog like one might treat adding content to Facebook or Twitter? I dunno, and I didn’t care.

I found myself coming back to his blog a few times a day. If the content was interesting, who the hell cares about the word count? I decided to do the same last week. I’ve only managed to add a post a day, but they are much shorter than what I used to post.

It feels great to get back to my blog. I’m building something again that doesn’t belong to anyone but me. And I don’t feel any pressure to wait till I have that polished thought to post.

Thanks, Dave, for getting me back on track.

2 thoughts on “I’m Building Something Again

  1. i’ve tried to revive my blog too, but i keep failing. I dont remember why i subbed to your RSS feed but I did. Although i miss most of your posts because i had you lumped into my Tech category. It gets large so i “mark as read” a lot. Did you used to write more techy stuff years ago? I’ll move you to my Blogs category. I’ll try the short posts method.


    1. Yes, I used to write more often and more about technology. I’m trying to just get back into the habit of writing so I’ll have a mix of topics. I write about tech in day job so a break is nice. I’m glad you found my blog.


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