I bought a Ducky One 3 Keyboard

To be exact, I bought a Ducky One 3 Daybreak SF 65% Hotswap RGB Double Shot PBT QUACK mechanical keyboard.

That’s a mouthful.

Two of my sons own the Ducky One 2, and they love them. I assumed Ducky made mostly gaming keyboards which is correct, but they also make excellent mechanical keyboards for people like me who write a lot and appreciate a quality typing experience.

The colorful Ducky One 3 Mechanical Keyboard

First the downsides: The Ducky One 3 has no software so changing the RGB lighting or creating macro requires learning some obscure firmware commands. I got around some of this by installing the Keyboard Manager utility that’s part of the Microsoft Power Toys collection. That allowed me to easily map keys to control the volume since this model doesn’t include a media knob like my Corsair K95 did.

Also, if you are coming from a keyboard with a traditional layout, it might take some getting used to not having the ten-key area.

Otherwise, the Ducky has been a pleasure to use. I don’t miss the wrist rest or the much louder sounds the K95 created. The tactile feels of the Ducky is so smooth that it’s simply a joy to use. This is by far the best keyboard I’ve used but I would not recommend it to everyone.

Who might like this keyboard? Those who value a quality typing experience and don’t mind paying for it. Mechanical keyboards cost a lot more than their membrane counterparts, so you should be comfortable spending $100 to $200 for one. You can spend A LOT more than that on a mechanical keyboard, but you quickly run into the laws of diminishing returns past the $200 mark.

Before I purchased mine, I visited Best Buy and tried typing on a 65% model from Corsair and Razor to see how I liked the smaller footprint. The keys don’t feel cramped, but it takes a little time to get used to the smaller size. Within a week or two I didn’t think about the size anymore.

Overall, I really like the Ducky One 3. It’s a substantial upgrade from the K95 I’ve used for the past five years. I have the model with Cherry MX Brown switches and it’s far less “clicky” in sound compared to my K95 that also had Cherry MX Brown switches. They are wonderful switches for typists, but gamers might want to consider other Cherry MX options.