brettblog2 I’ve been blogging since 1999, live in Ivins, Utah area with my spouse and 5 children. I write and manage social media for a custom PC builder called Puget Systems. When I’m not at my computer, I enjoy spending time chasing my kids, playing basketball and cycling. I also listen to a lot of music from Pink Floyd to Phish to Chris Botti. You can follow me on Spotify.

I grew up in Ogden, UT and attended the University of Utah where I earned my degree in German. I moved to Seattle in 1994 where I lived until 2013 when we moved to Southern Utah.

I’m active at Twitter and can be followed here. If you’re interested in learning more about me, the following posts do as good a job as anything.

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  2. When Your Dad is the Coach
  3. Calling the Starburst Help Line
  4. Late Night Scrambled Eggs
  5. An Overwhelmed Father
  6. Steve Hodson interviewed me for Shooting Bubbles

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Brett Nordquist

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