The Box

It was a little over six years ago that Kim and I decided we’d like a dog. We spent hours at Barnes and Noble reading through books describing various breeds. We talked to dog owners at the park. Eventually we narrowed down our choices to two breeds: Beagle or Boxer. Kim had a Beagle growing up and we’d read and heard they make great family dogs. But we were concerned that our yard wasn’t large enough to handle the exercise needs of the breed. We also liked the idea of having a bigger dog around the house and one that would be good with our children we’d have down the road. So we located a breeder a few hours outside of Seattle and brought home an exuberant female brindle boxer pup and named her Elka.

Elka has been part of our family for over six years now. Each of our three children learned to walk by using Elka like a handrail for balance. She is so patient with any child she meets. She’s fantastic with other dogs as well. The only downside I can think that comes with owning a brindle boxer is that some people see her and assume she’s a pit bull. We didn’t have her ears cropped, and although I think her face doesn’t have an ounce of menace, I understand not everyone is comfortable around a large breed of dog like the boxer. Her muscular body and square face do look tough at times, but she’s really a big softy who loves to be around people, especially kids.

We’ve been told that boxers don’t live as long as many other breeds. It’s hard to imagine that we’ve probably reached the half-way point in her life given her age. But we will continue to enjoy her as long as we have her. Our kids absolutely adore her. Kim has mentioned that she feels safe having Elka in the home when I’m a business trip. She’s brought a big heart and a fun spirit into our home. To anyone contemplating getting a dog, especially a boxer, I’d say they are a lot of work. They can also cost a lot of money to care for properly, although Elka has lead a remarkably healthy life. But with that in mind, Elka has been worth every cent and every ounce of time and energy we’ve put into raising her. Kim would say she’s been pampered and she’s probably right.

This picture of Elka was taken by my brother-in-law who is an amazing photographer.


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  1. Elka is my favorite granddog. She gets as excited as the grandchildren do when I visit and gets her feelings hurt if I fail to give her an equal amount of attention. She doesn’t know she is a great big dog. If she acknowledges that she even is a dog, she thinks she is a little cuddly lap dog as she often crawls up onto my lap like one of the kids for some cuddling. Elka is loyal to her family and very conscious of her responsibilities. She likes them all to be safe inside after a certain time atnight and watches anxiously out the window if one of them is late.


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