Thoughts on Motorola Q

In the few days since I bought a Motorola Q, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. Better than I expected. I like it better than my Palm 650 that Kim’s now using.


    Bright, clear screen
    Very thin, fits well in hand
    Good voice quality
    Exchange integration is excellent
    Portable Messenger is fantastic
    Very good device for email and text messaging
    Lots of decent programs to choose from
    Very good backlighting


    Tiny keys make for many typing mistakes
    Performance is slower than Palm but acceptable
    ActiveSync is abysmal compared to Palm Desktop sync
    I haven’t figured out a quick way to get to the CALL LOG
    Battery life could be better
    Can’t charge and connect to USB at same time like Palm

But overall, I really like the Q. I wish I could switch to T-Mobile for for their $20 unlimited data plan (compared to $45 for Verizon) but I get a better signal at my home with Verizon. But being able to receive and reply to my Microsoft email is the killer app here. If I could have done this on the Palm I would not have switched phones. Having Messenger on the Q is also great.

Now I just need to find a good Twitter program for the Q. I know I can use SMS but it’s so ugly. I’d love a portable version of Tweetr.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Motorola Q

  1. Bob, my fingers are short and fat which makes for a few mistakes. Many mistakes the first couple of days but I’m getting the hang of it and seeing fewer errors. My fingers need to go on a diet.


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