Geek Squad for Cell phones?

I am enjoying my Motorola Q phone from Verizon. The sync with Windows Exchange just works as does Mobile Messenger. It’s a good phone, good IM device, and great email/SMS device. I also run a little application that shows a color coded map of the Seattle area traffic which helps plan my route into work. Even the web browsing isn’t bad as I’m able to read my RSS feeds in Bloglines quite well.

Now that I’ve got it setup, the Q is great little device. But I wouldn’t wish the setup process on my worst enemy. The setup of the last computer I bought from Dell took less than 30 minutes to unbox, setup and configure.The same process for my Q took at least 4 hours.

One major point of confusion is Microsoft ActiveSync which I now refer to as ActiveSuck. It might not suck so bad had I not been used to the sync app for Palm based phones which provide a number of helpful options not found on ActiveSync. For example, the first time you sync your Palm the program gives me the option to synch the phone with Outlook, have the phone overwrite Outlook or have Outlook overwrite the phone. I bought a used Q with over 460 contacts and ActiveSuck assumed I wanted them sync’d to Outlook.

Motorola provides a software update tool that makes it fairly easy to update Windows Mobile. Once I had the latest software installed, I was able to begin the Exchange email configuration. The issues here are numerous and boring so I’ll skip them except to say I believe many of the hoops I had to jump through are probably due to security precautions setup by Microsoft’s IT department.

Maybe I’m getting old, but is it normal to expect spending an entire afternoon setting up a new phones these days? This isn’t just a Motorola or Microsoft problem. I recall thinking the same thing during the setup of my first iPod.

Is there such thing as a Geek Squad for mobile devices? That might not be a bad business idea.

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One thought on “Geek Squad for Cell phones?

  1. Hello – I too have a Motorola Q. I’m sure it will be fun to use once I find out how to. The only feature I’m using apart from the actual phone is the calendar. I was able to get my contact numbers from my old phone but how do I get my contact addresses in. My contacts information is not sync’d – I don’t even see how to do it! Am I missing something?


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