My favorite music options at work

I like to listen to music for good portions of my workday. Some companies I’ve worked for don’t allow their employees to store mp3 music files on company owned equipment. But not all is lost due to some new options on the web. Here are three options I use at work:

Seeqpod calls itself the “playable search”. In other words it scours  the net for songs and makes them playable via the Seeqpod website. You can create and share playlists. Type in the name of your favorite artist and Seeqpod quickly searches for available songs. I searched for Pink Floyd and was presented with nearly 600 songs for my listening pleasure. This is a great service for those looking for a specific group or song and those who want control of their playlist.









Slacker is great for discovering new music and for those that want to set a station genre and just let it play. This works well for those who don’t want to spend much time managing their music selections. Slacker has many stations to choose from and you can skip up to 6 songs per hour. I keep this on at work more than any others. The sound quality is quite good.


The Hype Machine is really cool which means it can’t be long before the RIAA tries to sue it into oblivion. This site goes out and searches for music blogs that review and  post mp3s file which it then adds to its library for you to search and stream. For example, I searched for Van Halen and was presented with a list of songs available for listening as well as links to iTunes and Amazon if I’m interested in purchasing.


Pandora was one of the first internet radio stations I heard of and has become one of the most popular. I still use it occasionally but not as much since I discovered Slacker. But you’ll be rewarded with excellent music once you take a few minutes to configure it with your favorite artists.


These three are my favorite options for adding music to my work day but many others exist such at and AOL Radio which offers over 200 free stations via XM. Give them all a try and see which works best for you. I think all of them have something to offer.

Note: iTunes also includes free radio stations but I didn’t include it here because it requires installing software and not all employers allow that.