Fifth In Line To The Throne

I’ve listened to few bands more than I have Camera Obscura over the past five years. I’ve had this track on repeat all afternoon.

Love these lyrics:

Now, I’m fifth in line to the throne
How am I gonna tell my king
That I don’t trust his throne, anymore

Past Sagebrush

This is the email I sent my brother this morning.

I miss Seattle a lot. I miss the big city and the the excitement. But I don’t miss the traffic and the 2-3 hour a day commute. Living in Ivins has been a change. It’s small and close-knit, tucked into the Red Mountain community. It feels nothing like St. George.

But there are times when I can’t imagine going back to the big city. One of them happened last night. We drove up the windy road, past sagebrush and sand towards the mountain leading to the Tuacahn amphitheater and sat outside in 60 degree weather under the moon and stars.

Under the lit mountain, Jim Brickman walked out on stage, sat down at the black Yamaha grand piano and began playing this song without saying a word. 

Freaking awesome.