My favorite Gnomedex 2007 reviews

I’ve read a number of Gnomedex reviews over the past couple of days and there are a few I enjoyed.

  1. Dave Delaney tells us what he learned at Gnomedex. I could not agree more that “open money” should be explained in 140 characters or less. The review is full of insider jokes that will be better appreciated if you were there.
  2. Ethan Kaplan – “We pay attention to some stupid fight between overweight white guys inside a conference hall, where outside there are significant problems that we ignore for the sake of our own false prophet building”
  3. Scott Rosenberg –  Scott provides a thoughtful run down of the sessions. I enjoyed his review of the Calacanis controversy.
  4. William Smith at Sugar Attack gives a blow by blow review. Check out this Robert Steele quotes such as “I don’t have time to fool around with Wikipedia, it is full of morons”
  5. Randy Stewart created the Gnomedex 2007 poster. Excellent!
  6. Official Gnomedex comics are up on Flickr
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One thought on “My favorite Gnomedex 2007 reviews

  1. Thanks for the link love. Glad you enjoyed my reviews of Gnomedex. All jokes aside, it was truly an incredible experience. I throughly enjoyed meeting my 2.0 Brothers & Sisters.



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