Slacker Desktop Radio

I wrote about Slacker radio a while back and how much I enjoyed the ability to listen to a number of excellent radio stations at work. Back then my only complaint was that the service was browser based which meant that occasionally I’d close a window and bring the music to a halt.

Well today I noticed that Slacker has released a stand-alone application called the Slacker Desktop Radio. It looks nearly identical to the web version but is able to be minimized. I’ve been using it all day and find it well designed, stable and packed full of great music. I like the options better than those found in iTunes.

I still listen to my favorite playlists of MP3s but Slacker is a great way to find new music or listen to songs that are not in your collection. Highly recommended. You can download it here.

The October issue of Maximum PC names Slacker one of the best 15 web apps – “Forget Never mind Pandora. Don’t even think about iTunes. If you want the ultimate in fully customizable Internet radio, get your slackin’ ass over to…”

Here is the full sized version of Slacker Desktop


Here is the mini version