Windows Vista quote of the Day

From Tom Halfhill from Maximum PC who recently helped his brother purchase a new computer:

Vista Premium was “preinstalled” on the hard drive, but it took nearly an hour to book and configure itself during the first powerup. Heck, I remember when clean-installing Windows from floppy disks took less time. For hours afterward, Vista’s pop-up dialogs nagged us for permission before allowing trivial actions. But when I accidentally bumped the hair-trigger power button on the computer’s front panel, Vista promptly shut down the system without asking for confirmation.

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2 thoughts on “Windows Vista quote of the Day

  1. I have been a software developer for 10 years using mainly Microsoft products. I have always liked microsoft products but VISTA JUST FLAT SUCKS. My first day with it, and I had all kinds of security problems. I am logged in as administrator yet it asks me if I want to run a program as adminstrator. Ummmm no I think I will run it as someone who has no authority to do anything. Some “brain” at Microsoft decided that they should make the security nearly impossible to use. See this post

    After a week of working with it, it became slower and slower. I decided to just format the hard drive clean and reinstall the OS. Reinstall failed due to driver problems. Dell could not solve the problem so they sent me a new laptop. Ok, maybe it was hardware trouble I thought. Well yes and no. Yes it now runs but God forbid I should have to reinstall the OS at any point. The thing is hopelessly slow. I am running a DUO Core 2 2.2 ghz processor with 2 gigs of RAM and it frankly is not nearly enough. The sad thing is that Visual Studio 2005, the flagship product for developing software runs worse on Vista than it did on XP. I begged dell for an XP disc for my laptop and they refused saying this model did not have XP drivers.

    Microsoft’s biggest problem is that they go messing with a good thing for the sake of marketing. Well it backfired big time.


  2. Matt, I ran into same of the same issues (buggy drivers, slow performance) that you did when I ran Vista on 3 different machines. Vista was sluggish on a brand new Core 2 Duo Dell machine. Luckily, I had no problem upgrading to Windows XP. I’m convinced that Microsoft created Vista for noobs. It’s not an OS for people like yourself who know their way around the OS and actually want to get work done. Whoever came up with UAC at MSFT should be fired.


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