DVD Burner Confusion

My Sony DVD burner died while serving well for just over four years. It was still sort of working but having problem ripping audio CDs. It was also starting to rattle and make weird sounds that a burner shouldn’t make.

So I went to Fry’s tonight to check out a new burner. I decided to look at the newer SATA versions. Fry’s has half an isle dedicated to burners, a third of which are external models. I skipped over those and figured I’d be in and out of the store in less than 15 minutes.

Well, nearly 40 minutes later I was still in the store pulling out boxes and reading labels. You’d think that Fry’s would have a section of SATA drives and a section of IDE drives but that wasn’t the case. Everything was tossed together, except for the well organized section of external burners I had no idea people still used.

Samsung Some brands included a SATA cable. Some didn’t. Ditto for power adapters. In fact, it was very difficult to tell if a model was IDE or SATA. Some brands like Sony put IDE right on the front of the box. Others required reading the cryptic label. Had I been able to read Chinese I may have been in business.

Maybe I’m getting old, but I’d sure be frustrated trying to choose a DVD burner if I were a regular user. I’d have about a 50% chance of returning home with the wrong type of drive or a drive that doesn’t include a cable. Reminds me of some printers that don’t ship with a USB cable. Very very lame indeed.

I left the store with this model from Samsung and in the 2 hours I’ve had it I’ve been impressed. It rips and burns a lot faster than my older Sony.

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