The best vacuum ever

Back in college, I worked for a janitorial supply shop as a delivery driver for a summer. I spent a lot of time delivering floor supplies to the Delta Center and churches around the area.

We also sold a high-end commercial vacuum made by Windsor called the Versamatic. These vacuums were used in each Mormon church and temple around the area and many hospitals. Of course, there were many churches and temples around the Salt Lake City area so I kept quite busy delivering new vacuums each day. Very seldom would I pick one up for repair. They are notoriously sturdy and reliable.

One time a church returned a vacuum because they wanted a newer model and I bought one for about half price. Our model retails for between $650-$850 depending on accessories.

That was back in 1992 and we are still using that same vacuum. I’ve replaced the HEPA filters several times and the bags, of course, which I’ve only been able to find online. This past year I replaced the prong end of the electrical cord. Otherwise, the vacuum runs as well as the day I brought it home. What I love most about the vacuum is that it has two motors. One for the brush and one for the pull-out hose. The hose has stronger suction than many of the vacuums found at car washes. It also lays flat on the ground making it easy to reach under beds and tables.

I’ve tried a number of really nice vacuums from Hoover, Kenmore and even the trendy Dyson. None of them are in the same league as the Versamatic. And they shouldn’t be since the Versamatic is the only commercial grade model of the lot and is priced accordingly. The Versamatic is quite heavy making it not as easy to maneuver as most vacuums. But it’s such a powerful, reliable vacuum that I can’t imagine going with another brand.

I certainly don’t want to shell out $850 for a vacuum. But if it lasts 15 years or more I consider that a bargain.

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3 thoughts on “The best vacuum ever

  1. I like your vacuum but I have to admit I like mine more. Maybe because I am older and it is a lot lighter and easier to use. We got a higher end Dyson about three months ago and have really liked how well it cleans. It sucks up the animal hair from our pets slicker than a whistle. I like it because I can see the dirt and can easily empty the chamber … and because it is light. It cleans better than any we have owned in the past 41 years which include Electrolux, Kenmores, Hoovers, and some others I can’t remember. Of course, I have yet to see how long it will last. We got it at Costco and I would probably stick to it even if it only lasted 5 or 6 years because it is so easy to handle.


  2. trying to find a part for our Windsor versamatic–it fell over & the blue dust bag housing cracked at the base. We only need this big blue plastic part that screws into the motor base that the handle, hose & power cord are attached to(the blue back cover is fine) not sure if it might be part # WI 1514Bl from a schematic on the Hesco parts site….would duct tape it but this blue shell has nothing to hold on to the base since it broke at the point where it screws down to it.


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