90% Chance of Success

I got around to calling technical support at Horizon Fitness yesterday morning to see if they could help me diagnose what is wrong with our treadmill.

I called and got right through to a man who walked me through the process of checking a few things. A few things I noticed right from the beginning:

  1. He brought up the details of my machine from the online registration. I didn’t have repeat information to 3 different people.
  2. It was the second time I have called technical support and the first person took notes which the person I spoke with yesterday actually read and referred to.
  3. He wanted to help me, not get me off the phone ASAP.
  4. While I was on the phone, he emailed me a diagram of the machine and instructions for replacing many parts on the treadmill.

After checking a few areas of the treadmill, he said that the problem was likely the computer board and offered to send out a new board for me to installed. I asked if he felt certain the board was the problem. He explain why he thought it’horizons was and then said, “I’m 90% certain it’s the board giving you problems”.

I got off the phone and started to wonder what made him say 90% and not 100% or 99% or even 95%. I like my odds when 9 of 10 times replacing the board works. I hope he’s right. I’ll find out in a few days when a new board arrives.

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