How bad can it get for Windows Vista?

Just when I thought it couldn’t get much worse for Windows Vista, Microsoft is now offering OEMs a “downgrade” option to buyers that want new machines but would rather use XP than Vista.

What this means is that some companies like HP and Fujitsu are selling computers with Vista installed but include XP disks if the customer would like to rollback. I call it the “rollback upgrade”.  Microsoft is only allowing such deals on machines with Vista Business or Ultimate which makes sense since those are the highest priced versions.

Makes me wonder if Microsoft has ever had to do anything like this before. It’s hard to imagine a previous Windows upgrade (besides Windows ME) has been met with so much indifference.

I can understand why businesses would want to hold off upgrading due to the hefty hardware requirements and incompatibilities with crucial programs. But I doubt Microsoft was anticipating the challenge in getting home users and especially enthusiasts to upgrade to Vista. Very few of my friends who don’t work at Microsoft in some capacity have stayed with XP. Most are in a “wait and see” mode until SP1 ships while others like me have been burned too many times to ever consider Vista.

Maybe the days of Windows upgrades every 3 to 5 years is over. I’m sure Apple couldn’t be happier. It’s very possible that OS X was the real upgrade for many XP users.

2 thoughts on “How bad can it get for Windows Vista?

  1. “It’s very possible that OS X was the real upgrade for many XP users.”

    That, or Linux (I switched from XP to Ubuntu Linux in mid-2006 and my wife switched from XP to a Mac about a year later 🙂


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