When is it ok to run a red light?

When it won’t change to green, that’s when. There’s a light just a few blocks from our house that works during the day but not at night. Best I can tell it stops turning green for traffic coming off Lea Hill around 11 pm each night. The problem, besides not turning green, is that it’s located in a dangerous area for a light not to work properly. It’s not far from Green River Community College (where students tend to speed in beater Sentras and Civics) and the line of sight is quite limited coming up the hill where the speed limit is 35, but it’s not uncommon for cars to travel 45-50 MPH coming off the hill.

redlight I noticed the light didn’t work about 6 months ago when I sat at the light and listened to Cat Steven’s, “The Wind” in it’s entirety. It’s not a lengthy song but the light should change within two minutes.

Tonight I approached the light and didn’t realize it was 11 pm. I sat there for maybe a minute before realizing the light wasn’t going to change. I watched a few cars pass before pulling out slowly to make sure no cars were coming up the hill. It’s difficult to see much further than about 20 yard as the street winds behind a hill. I looked to my right leading up the hill to make sure no cars were coming down the street. I coasted a bit, dropped the Bimmer into 2nd gear and floored it as I made a hard left off the hill.

It was fun but I wish the city would just fix the dang light.

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One thought on “When is it ok to run a red light?

  1. Hey neighbor! I just found your blog and I am very familiar with the light you wrote about. I hope it’s ok for me to suggest that you might want to experiment with it a bit…there are three spots that trigger the motion detector to change the light and you must be driving precisely in the center of the lane to trigger them…no cutting corners! Then if the light still hasn’t changed when you reach the crosswalk…you must position your car exactly in the center of the lane and inch out into the crosswalk with the nose of your car until you trigger the third and last motion detector. Good luck! and please be careful, that’s a blind curve for the drivers coming down the hill! 🙂


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