Mission Impossible: The Search for a Fed Ex drop box

Did the Fed Ex drop box disappear after 9/11 and I just didn’t notice till now? I’ve now spent a couple of hours looking for a Fed Ex drop box. Not a store, counter or self-service station. Just a drop box.

Fed Ex is known for using cutting edge technology for package tracking so I figured they’d have an easy way to search for a drop box from their website. Well, they do have a section where I can search for a bunch of other stuff but not drop boxes. Great, I can filter my search by “Location accepts cash”. It’s good to know there are business that are still taking cash!

I was able to find several “Fed Ex Authorized ShipCenters” in my area, but all of them were closed on a Saturday evening. And not one had a drop box which makes me believe maybe they don’t exist anymore.  dropbox
Clearly, this drop box in the wild has been Photoshopped

On the back of my package (which is wrapped in authorized Fed Ex duds) I found a 1-800 number to call to schedule a pickup. Or I’m told I can do the same thing by going to Fedex.com. So I head back to the website and click on a link called “Schedule a Pickup” which takes me to a registration area. I begin typing in my address and such. Everything goes well until I’m asked for my “Account Number”. Well, I don’t have one which means I can’t register which means I can’t schedule a pickup from their website.

Fed Ex probably won’t read this, and even if they did, I’m just a blogger who is trying to ship a single package. “Not even worth their time” is how I feel they feel about me after spending too much time on their website and still failing to accomplish what I’m after.

Given the time I’ve spent, I would have been better off waiting till Monday and making the delivery myself.

5 thoughts on “Mission Impossible: The Search for a Fed Ex drop box

  1. You had the right section on their website. Just uncheck “FedEx staffed” and “FedEx Authorized ShipCenter”, leaving only “Self-service” checked and it shows only drop boxes…Or am I missing something?


  2. Hey, Arthur, I’m going to try that tonight. One of the places listed has a drop box but it’s inside the store. What I’m after is a public drop box. I think the Kinkos and larger mail centers might have them. I live in a small city so maybe we don’t get them.


  3. So I did a search from Fedex.com just as Arthur suggested and it said a self service station is located at a Kinkos near the SuperMall here in Auburn. So we drove out there tonight and, like all the others, the self-service is located INSIDE the closed Kinkos. Some help the website is.


  4. Brett,
    Kinko’s is a manned location, most open 24 hrs…but the hours of operation are posted at the FedEx site. Arthur was correct on how to just find self-service (drop box) locations by typing in your zipcode. Tip: most all US Post Offices have an exterior drop box.


  5. Bruce, here is what I did. I went to http://fedex.com/Dropoff/start?locale=en_US and typed in my zip code (98092) and filtered by Self Service locations. The third result down is Fed Ex Kinkos at the Supermall location. Well, I drove there last night and there is no drop box outside. It’s inside the store. Best I can gather, “Self Service” does not = drop box. I means there’s a self service area inside that business that’s accessible during normal business hours. What I want is a drop box that’s available 24/7, but it doesn’t appear I’m able to search for that at Fedex.com


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