When the world slows down

Most of my day is spent frantically typing emails, signing expense reports, in meetings or running from one cube to another. There’s not a lot of time to slow down and assess whether my actions are doing any good. Some days I return home exhausted yet unable to account for my time away. This is the case when a good portion of my day was spent in meetings.

There are days when it’s hard to get out of that “must get it done immediately” mode even when I’m home and have time to reflect. I don’t need to rush around the house picking up after the kids, but my mind says I should be helping out more around the house especially while Kim is getting close to delivering baby #4.

It’s nice when something rattles me out of this mode like happened tonight as I sat at the computer. My six-year old daughter, Luca, could not sleep so she tip-toed down the stairs and into my arms. She was so warm and cuddly. I showed her my fingerprint reader emitting a bright red glow. I showed her I how could lock my computer and then unlock it using my fingerprint. She thought that was pretty cool so I showed her how to register her finger. She smiled from ear to ear as she put her small index finger on the reader and unlocked my computer.

These are times when the world slows down and my heart beats a little slower. I’m not as stressed out and I my mind comprehends that it’s OK to mellow out and take a break. These are some of the best times.

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