The Salad Bar

I can’t stand eating breakfast. I don’t know why but I’ve never liked breakfast and it’s all I can do to choke down any solid foods. So about a year ago, I stopped trying and decided I’d have a low carb Atkins shake each morning. They taste pretty good and they keep me from getting hungry later in the morning.

By the time lunch rolls around I’m ready to walk over to building 121 on the Microsoft campus and visit the amazing cafeteria they have there. They have five or six hot meal areas with foods ranging from pizza to Pho soup to a grill where one can order from over a dozen meats ranging from catfish to teriyaki chicken. I usually head over to the vegan area to see what steamed vegetable they have that day. Then I’ll head over the salad bar.

Microsoft has one of the best salad bars around. It’s better than most restaurants I’ve been to. It has four different types of lettuce and all types of fresh veggies and fruits for the taking.

But there’s one curious placement as I come to the end of the salad bar. Sitting just past the salad dressing are a number of desserts. I’ve been pretty good to walk by them. Only once in the last six months have I bought a rice crispy square. But I really wish they would move the desserts to an area that’s not so close to the salad bar.

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