My favorite low carb wraps

I’ve tried a number of low carb tortillas and wraps. Most are pretty good, but a couple have had a weird texture and not much flavor. This week while at Fred Meyer, I noticed a display full of wraps from Flatout. For those who are watching carbs, they are a great alternative to bread. One wrap has only 90 calories, 6 net carbs and 9g of fiber and no sugar. They comes in packs of six for about $2 at Fred Meyer. 

Today I pulled out a wrap and put some cheese and pepperoni on it. After about a minute in the microwave, I rolled it up and was surprised at how much better it tasted than many of the low carb tortillas. The wraps are smaller than most of the tortillas but they are thicker and seem more filling.

I plan to roll up some turkey or roast beef sandwiches for work next week. Highly recommended even if you’re not watching carbs.


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