These leaves won’t leave me alone

I don’t know how many leaves have fallen off our tree in the backyard, but it seems like 20 million. I’m sure it’s at least that many because every time I look outside I catch another hundred or so falling ever so gently towards my newly raked grass.

Last year I decided to wait until all the leaves were off the tree before I started raking. There are a couple of problems with that strategy:

  1. Lots of leaves = dead grass
  2. It rains in Seattle. A lot

It was well into November of last year before I started raking. I was stunned when I realized we’d filled 18 bags full of soppy wet leaves.


So this year I figured I’d take the same approach I do with email: handle things as they come in in order to avoid an overwhelming amount all at once. Three weeks ago I was happy to get two large garbage cans full of leaves off the ground. The next week it took two more garbage cans. Ditto for this past week. I coaxed my kids into helping me by turning them into”leaf smashers”. When the leaves would fill the can, I’d hold one over it while their little legs pushed the leaves downward, making room for more.

I feel like the leaf Gods are teasing me as they drop just enough to keep me busy but not enough that I feel like I’m making any progress.

Today I looked outside and, for the first time, I wasn’t stressed out as I watched the many leaves fall from our tree. I just sat there and enjoyed it. I opened the screen door and listened as they landed on top of each other. Sometimes a small gust of wind would blow a handful into our neighbors yard (YES!) but most settled not far from the tree.

If it doesn’t rain over the next couple of days, I’m going to rake the leaves into a huge pile. Then I’ll call the kids over so they can jump in them. If I can’t beat them, I might as well join them.

One thought on “These leaves won’t leave me alone

  1. Now those kinds of leaf crushers are the best kind! I can’t wait to see them for myself! Our leaves are still clinging to the trees. One day soon we’ll awaken and they will all be on the ground. They fall at once, leaving about a foot deep cover everywhere. Unfortunately, our winds blow all ours and our neighbors leaves into the corner of our house and along our fence.


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