Pancake Cutting

This morning Kim and I were both slow to get moving. The kids had downed a pudding. Or two. They were clamoring for something else to eat so I went into the kitchen to warm up some pancakes that Kim had made earlier.

The pancakes are pretty much the same size. But not to the kids. Luca is certain that the pancake Lincoln grabbed is larger than hers. And Anna is going crazy because her pancake is smaller than Luca’s. It’s a cycle that has no end. This is usually how it goes when I foolishly think the kids can fairly divvy out the pancakes. pancakes

So this morning I decided to bring playground rules to the kitchen. I set the pancakes on a plate in the middle of the table. I then had Luca, Lincoln and Anna sit around the table, close enough to reach the plate but not close enough to snag a pancake off a siblings plate.

I started with Lincoln who chose the first pancake. Then Anna and then Luca. I then let Luca go first till the plate was empty. Things went better than I anticipated and everyone seemed happy.

As I pulled out the syrup Lincoln said, “Dad, you forgot to cut our pancakes”. So I started cutting his pancakes into smaller pieces until I was finished. I poured maple syrup over them when Lincoln looked at her plate and said, “Hey, NOT FAIR….my pancake is now smaller than Luca’s!”