The rhythm is gonna getcha

I tried to login to my online banking account and received a curious message along the lines of this:

We can not provide access to your account at this time. We cannot verify your credentials at this time due to your typing rhythm

I’ve never this message before. I’ll occasionally forget my password, but I’ve never been told that my typing rhythm is off tempo.

I went to the security section of my credit union’s website to see what I could find on improving my rhythm and gain access to my account. Here’s what I came across:

By definition, biometrics is the measurement of physical characteristics to verify your identity. Essentially, this new feature measures the rhythm at which you type your password to verify your identity. It does not keep track of your actual password, it simply recognizes the rhythm in which you type it. Since each person has a unique typing rhythm, this feature provides you an additional layer of security.

Upon login, if we are unable to verify your identity using your username, password, and typing rhythm, you may still proceed to Online Banking, assuming of course your username and password are correct. However, if you attempt to complete actual transactions, you will encounter a series of challenge questions to further verify your identity. You must answer at least one of the challenge questions correctly to continue.

Sure enough, I tried logging in again and flail and wailthis time I could see my account but when I tried to schedule an online payment, I was presented with a screen full of challenge question. I had to answer three questions successfully before I was given full access to my account.

Is this what it’s now come to? Not only do I have to remember all my passwords but my rhythm can’t be out of whack!

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