I’ll take 4 packs of AcuVue lenses and a metal detector

Should I be concerned that the optical center where I have my eyes examined also sells metal detectors and telescopes?

I guess I can sort of understand an optical center deciding to sell a telescope since it requires optics and at least one working eyeball.

But I’m trying to understand what it took for them to offer several models of metal detectors to help me UNCOVER HIDDEN TREASURES IN MY OWN BACKYARD! I like how the box shows some guy in the process of finding a diamond ring or extremely rare coin. I’m sure if I bought one it would only serve to rid the earth of 4000 beer tabs.

I can only think of three possible reasons a business like an optical center would carry metal detectors:

  1. The person doing the detector selling is one WORLD CLASS salesperson. The “selling ice to Eskimos” type of character. 
  2. The markup on detectors is just too good to pass up, even if they have nothing to do with your line of business.
  3. It makes for one unpredictable “upsell”

It’s very possible that I’m just overlooking the link between glasses/contacts and metal detectors. Maybe customers who purchases glasses suddenly discover a whole new visually exciting world to explore and what better way to do that than with your head to the ground waiting for audible *beeps* telling you where to dig?

I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned since this summer, when I went in for my annual checkup, they were selling electric guitars.