My experience at the Movies

I decided to take our three kids to see the movie, Bee Movie, at the theater in Auburn today. Here’s a list of what I remember most:

  1. I used the automated ticket machine to punch in 1 adult. But the machine didn’t give me the age limits for the children’s tickets. I took a guess and assumed my six year old qualifies as a child and added 3 kids tickets. Total cost = $29 for a matinee.
  2. The theater is one of the newer models with stadium seating. One big problem is the seats are made for adults and not kids. My three and four year old had a very difficult time keeping the seat from making a sandwich out of them.
  3. The concession prices have always been absurd. A large Diet Coke and medium popcorn came to $12. Tossing salt into the wound, the kids came home and told their mom that I let them drink Diet Coke!

The kids enjoyed the movie and it’s always fun to take them out of the house to do something with dad. But I can’t help but think for the cost of going to a movie, I could have purchased two DVDs and all the popcorn and drink they could ever want. Not to mention the fact that they could watch the movie over and over.

I’d probably have enough left over for a box of Milk Duds.

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