I’ve been replaced

My six-year old daughter, Luca,  and her four-year old brother, Lincoln,  like to play some of the older Nintendo games. They will play Banjo Kazooie, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Yoshi’s Story and Luigi’s Mansion for hours on end, if we let them. image

When they are playing a game and run into an area they can’t pass, they will usually approach Kim and ask for her assistance. Kim is better than I am at these games and she’s nearly always successful in getting them unstuck.

Today, Kim was resting with the baby when Lincoln ran downstairs looking for help. He paused for a second realizing mom wasn’t around before asking me,  “Dad, can you help us get past the big baby level on Luigi’s Mansion?”

Just as I was about to head upstairs to help, Luca came running down the stairs. When she saw me get up from my chair, she said, “Oh dad, just Google the cheats for us”.

I guess my reputation as a gamer is waning or I’ve been replaced by a search engine.