Our kids favorite toys of the year

My father bought our kids two Kettler “Kettcars” this summer and it’s become their favorite activity. We live on a cul-de-sac with a grass island which gives the kids plenty of room to cruise around in these well-made pedal cars.

The first Kettcar he bought is called the Classic Flyer. Its looks are old school, but it’s a seriously fast racing machine. It’s perfect for smaller kids, but three of our kids (ages 6, 4, 3) all love it and fit well. One feature I like about this model is the seat takes just seconds to adjust as no tools are needed. This makes for an ideal choice when you have different ages who will be sharing time behind the wheel.  It includes a hand brake that works well when the kids remember it’s there.

Here’s a picture of Lincoln on the Classic Flyer. He probably shouldn’t be wearing his Croks to pedal, but at least he’s wearing his sister’s Dora helmet.


After we had the Classic Flyer for a few weeks my father decided that we needed one to grow into. So he ordered the Grand Prix model. This one has bigger wheels and looks very sporty. The older neighborhood kids show up when we pull this out. It also sits off the ground a bit higher and is perfect for kids ages 5-9 or so. The seat is adjustable too but requires basic tools to do so. The kids loved placing the many stickers on the Grand Prix. In fact, it took longer to place the stickers than it did to assemble.


Our kids have driven these Kettcars for hours on end. Having two is a lot of fun because they can invite friends over and race around the grass island. I like these pedal cars a lot better than the battery operated models you find at Target because the kids have to pedal to get them moving which results in a good amount of exercise. And you’ll get exercise too as you try to chase them down because they won’t want to stop.

The Classic Flyer can be found online for around $140 while the Grand Prix runs about $170. Both can be found at Growing Tree Toys or Amazon.

Note: A friend of mine has told me that the Kettler tricycles are great too.

One thought on “Our kids favorite toys of the year

  1. Way cool. Brings back memories of the many “big wheels” I went through as a kid. Loved those things. When I was young, at an age when going a couple blocks from home was a significant distance, I took my big wheel a couple miles away to a family friends’ home. The shocked friend called my mother who came and picked me up.

    So I guess this is a warning… make sure the kids know their boundaries. Those vehicles look like they could far out-distance my old-school big wheels. 8)


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