My favorite Twitter Tools

I’m officially addicted to Twitter. It’s a great way to connect with others of similar interests. I also use the same way I used to use IRC but asking questions when I need help or a recommendation. I’ve found the people to be super friendly for the most part. If someone is a dork, Twitter makes it easy to block them.

Several friends have asked what I use to access Twitter. I’ll send messages in three different ways:

  1. – The place to go to add followers and make changes to your profile.
  2. Twhirl – This is my favorite desktop Twitter application. It runs on Windows and OSX and is based on Adobe Air. 
  3. – The Twitter website formatted for mobile phones.

A lot of people also use SMS to send updates but I find just as easy. I use Twhirl the most because it color codes the messages as they arrive so I visually see the difference between a message send to everyone vs. just to me or even a direct message.

I’ve found myself using two website recently that attempt to rank Twitter users. Twitterposter has been around a while and shows icons based on how many followers a person has. The bigger the icon, the more followers someone has. At times, I’m not sure that it’s still being updated, but it’s pretty cool.

Tweeterboard is the one I’ve been checking more often. It ranks the top 100 users using what the creator calls a person “reputation score”. I haven’t looked into it much but I was surprised to see myself listed at #67 yesterday afternoon. By evening I was off the list and right now I’m back on at #97. I don’t know that it means anything but it’s sort of fun to track occasionally.

I still check Twittervision a couple of times a week. If you want to find out where a Twitter user lives give Twittermap a try.

Those are the tools I use regularly. The most comprehensive list of Twitter tools I’ve found was put together by Stan Schroeder at Frantic Industries.

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