Planet Earth

If you haven’t already seen this breathtaking series from the BBC, move it to the top of your Netflix queue or just go buy the DVD set.

You won’t regret it. It’s that good.

The photography. The score. The chases. The scenery. This might be the perfect DVD series.

Kim and I watched the first DVD last night showing how the snow leopard hunts its prey, perched high atop the Himalayans. As the leopard moves across the rocks, the snow begins to fall in one of the most gorgeous sequences on film and the first time the snow leopard has been caught on film searching for prey.

The series took five years and $25 million to produce. The BBC has now managed to produce my top 2 favorite shows: The Office (“she’s not dead”) and now Planet Earth.

Review from IGN“Possibly the greatest television documentary series ever”
Review from The Washington Post“Years will pass before another program poses a serious challenge to this landmark”

Here is the nearly 5 minute Planet Earth trailer.

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  1. Thanks for this tip because Oprah had mentioned it on her show and so did the singer Maxwell. I am just extremely bad in watching TV. I tend to read a lot and listen to music but if it is worth the visual eye candy then I will indulge. Enjoy your holidays! =)



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